Featured Speaker: Partner Logos

Hear from featured speaker, Forrester analyst Marc Cecere during a webinar hosted by Apptio. During this webinar, Marc will discuss the dramatic shift occurring in the use of technology outside of traditional IT organizations and the impact that this shift has on IT. As business groups take on more technology-related responsibilities and the ecosystem of external partners and suppliers continues to grow, CIOs are being forced to shift their organizations from developing and maintaining assets to brokering, integrating and overseeing internal and external services. In particular, vendor management will need to evolve, shifting focus from tactical contract compliance and procurement processes to becoming brokers of both internal and external services as well as consultants to those IT and business groups that acquire technology services on their own. In this new world, vendor managers will need to define new processes for purchasing, financial management, and vendor evaluation.

Featured speakers:

  • Marc Cerere, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Jake Braly, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Apptio
  • Marsha Shoemaker, Director of Product Marketing, Apptio

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