Lauren Nelson
Lauren Nelson
Principal Analyst Serving I&O Professionals
Samuel Fetchero
Samuel Fetchero
Director, Product Marketing - Cloud & Hybrid IT

In 2018, enterprises built out their cloud strategies to take a more pragmatic approach that deliver real-business value through build, migrate, and modernizing its workloads. Cloud strategies continue to evolve as how to understand, manage, and optimize cloud while delivering business value. Public cloud adoption has grown by 6x in the last five years and hosted, on-premises private, and dedicated cloud adoption has tripled, according to the Q2 2018 “Adoption Profile: Public Cloud in North America” Forrester report. In 2019, expect a jump in spend as companies embrace its build, migrate, and modernize plans. Optimizing spend will become even more important than ever as portfolios increase faster than budgets.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Cloud predictions for 2019 and the leading indicators for these predictions
  • Top challenges decision-makers are faced with when managing cloud
  • Cloud best practices, including optimization
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