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Chris Pick
Chris Pick
CMO, Apptio and
Founding Director,
TBM Council
Hillevi Agranius
Hillevi Agranius
Husqvarna Group

The European leg of our global IT Innovation Tour, will feature IT leaders from well-known brands - Maersk Oil & Gas, Husqvarna and FedEx Express – who will share how they are innovating faster to build the IT organisations of tomorrow.

Join us at our Stockholm event to hear from Hillevi Agranius, CIO at Husqvarna Group, to learn how she is building a modern IT organisation at a 325+ year old company. Drawing the connection between IT costs and business outcomes, to unlock the innovative potential of business technology.

You’ll also hear from Deloitte, the TBM Council and Apptio - exploring topics around how IT leaders can:

  • Fund digital business initiatives
  • Maximise the return on every IT investment
  • Create budget agility
  • Accelerate cloud migration
  • Communicate ITs value in terms of services and business unit consumption

Afterwards, participants will enjoy networking over cocktails and canapes at the exclusive Nobis Hotel.


16:00 Arrival
16:15 Building IT for Tomorrow
Chris Pick, Founding Director, TBM Council
16:45 Getting the Business, IT and Finance Talking the Same Language
17:15 How Husqvarna are Building an IT Organisation for Tomorrow
Hillevi Agranius, CIO at Husqvarna Group
17:40 State of the Art ‘Technology Business Management’ Solutions
Craig Jackson, Solutions Consultant, Apptio
18:00 Cocktails & Canapes

Wednesday, 14th March 2018

Nobis Hotel
Norrmalmstorg 2-4, 111 86 Stockholm