In this post-recession, pro-regulation, dependent-upon-technology environment, CIOs require different skills to communicate to business leaders; they require skills that enable fact-based decision making. In this insightful keynote, First American Financial CEO Dennis Gilmore recounts his organization’s odyssey through the 2008 financial crisis and how his team, led by CIO Larry Godec, utilized TBM to determine the answer to fundamental questions: Are we spending the right amount — or too little, or too much — on technology to continue to grow and compete?

Larry will then provide his perspective on how TBM enabled him to cut costs, grow innovation, and leverage technology to distinguish First American — a journey that earned him the prestigious Business Transformation Award at the 2013 inaugural TBM Conference.

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TBM Conference 2014: TBM in the Eyes of the Enterprise

Dennis Gilmore, CEO, First American
Larry Godec, SVP & CIO, First American

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